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Interior Latex

"Daniel is taken to meet his girlfriend's father, setting him amidst the complicated infrastructure of a father/daughter relationship. Superb acting highlights an evocative short story."

-Matt Groening, NW Film and Video Festival

"Matt Wilkins' "Interior Latex," a cruelly funny tale of a young man's introduction to his girlfriend's father, reveals more about its characters in 13 minutes than most films do in 90."

-Mark Mohan, The Oregonian

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"Even funnier, because it's treading much sadder turf, is Matt Wilkins' Interior Latex, a nearly perfect look at a young man visiting his girlfriend's dad."

-Bruce Reid, The Stranger


-Min Liao, The Stranger


-Chuck Wilson, The LA Weekly

"Matt Wilkins' "Interior Latex," a thirteen minute tale of a philandering father, his young daughter, her new boyfriend and dad's old flame, is a standout for the way it manages to suggest so much about these relationships during a drunken all night party. To put it mildly, these people don't have much of a future together; even the father-daughter bonding shows signs of cracks.

-John Hartl, The Seattle Times

"The other award-winning short was Matt Wilkins' "Interior Latex," a loosely structured, extremely well acted film that shows some real potential from this Seattle-based filmmaker."

-Jeff Winograd, IndieWIRE
Hear what the Actors sound like when they're drunk! (400k)

Produced by Eliza Fox

Directed by Matt Wilkins.

Funded by the King County Arts Commission, Wiggly World Studios, and Sisyphus Productions

13 minutes, 16mm, color, 1999

Only $10 for a video copy

Screenings Include:

  • Northwest Film and Video Festival (Portland, Oregon)
  • Judge's Award from Judge Matt Groening
  • Cinematexas (University of Austin, Texas)
  • Semi-Finalist The Portland International Film Festival
  • The Santa Monica International Film Festival
  • The Seattle International Film Festival
  • The Little Theatre (Seattle)
  • The Reel One film festival, Bumbershoot
  • Independent Exposure
  • 911 Media Arts Center
  • The Hardshare Independent Film Festival
  • IndieSpace
  • Newport Beach Film Festival
  • Italian Television channel one, RAI Uno


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