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Barn Raising

Location scout Stan Mastalerz found a real estate property with a garage and house both scheduled for demolition that we could use for $500. But ten days before the scheduled shoot, the deal fell through.

A friend of ours had an aunt and uncle who owned a goat farm in Sultan Washington, in the shadows of Mount Index. We drove out there in rush hour traffic 6 days before the scheduled shoot, and as soon as I saw the farm, I realized our luck. It was the best location by far, and the owners were friendly and welcoming. They didn't charge us a penny for the location, so we were able to put the $500 into building a garage. We ripped up the deck in my back yard, and used that as the structure. We bought $200 worth of old siding from the lumber yard in Sultan, and used corrugated sheet metal from the farm for the roof. Producer Mark Chambers led a team of volunteer barn raisers and threw up a garage in 4 days. $200 went to hire the help of Gregg Nichols, a guy who owned a nail gun, and we drank $100 worth of beer. Art Director Andy Hiss, put the finishing touches on the garage, doing a lot of good work with an axe to make the garage look older. We dug up plants and put them in plastic bags full of water, then "planted" them along the exterior of the garage. And the centerpiece of our film was complete 2 days before the shoot.



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