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"Interior Latex," our previous short film, played at:

  • The Northwest Film and Video Festival (Portland, Oregon) - Judge's Award from Matt Groening
  • Cinematexas (University of Austin, Texas) - Semi-Finalist
  • The Portland International Film Festival
  • The Santa Monica International Film Festival
  • The Seattle International Film Festival
  • The Little Theatre (Seattle)
  • One Reel Film Festival (Bumbershoot, Seattle)
  • 911 Media Arts Center (Seattle)
  • Fremont Outdoor Cinema (Seattle)
  • Independent Exposure
  • Hardshare Independent Film Festival (Winslow, Arkansas)
  • IndieSpace, (Santa Monica CA)
  • The Newport Beach Film Festival
  • The Crash Film Festival (Mexico City)
  • Annual Golden Shower Film and Video Festival (San Antonio)
  • Idaho Film Foundation/ The Flicks (Boise ID)
  • Western Washington University (Bellingham WA)
  • Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art (Great Falls MT)
  • Kodiak Arts Council (Kodiak AK)
  • Haines Art Council (Haines AK)
  • Out North (Anchorage AK)
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Pacific Cinematheque (Vancouver BC)
  • Bunnell Street Gallery (Homer AK)
  • Central Oregon Community College (Bend OR)
  • Lewis-Clark College (Lewiston ID)
  • First Night/Tacoma-Pierce Counties (Tacoma WA)
  • Studio FP, Italy- Italian Television, Channel 2

Earlier works have played at:

  • Mondial International Film and Video Festival (Brussels)
  • Viva-8 Film Festival (London)
  • Director's Guild Theatre (Los Angeles)
  • Rainy States Film Festival (Seattle)
  • Short Attention Span Film Festival (San Francisco)
  • Llano Estacado Video Festival (Texas)
  • Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival (Germany)
  • Independent Exposure
  • Nomad Video (Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles)
  • The Velvet Elvis (Seattle)
  • Vagrom Video (Seattle)
  • Fremont Outdoor Cinema (Seattle)
  • 911 Media Arts Center (Seattle)
  • Microsoft
  • Films From Here (The Alibi Room, Seattle)
  • Off-line (National Public Access)
  • Exit Light (Local Public Access)
  • Lo-Def TV (pilot variety show)



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