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Eliza Fox: Executive Producer/Co-Writer

Eliza grew up with an actor/director father and costume designer mother. As a young girl she watched and learned what good and bad acting are and how to pin point what works and doesn't in drama. Her interest in theater continued through high school and college. After begging for several years, her mother gave her a $50 guitar at which time she began studying and performing folk music. After graduating from high school, she moved from her home in Philadelphia to Iowa City and attended the University of Iowa. While there, she performed on the radio and in local bars and was playing with a hard core country band when at the age of 22 her life changed completely with the birth of her son Wiley Wilkins. Becoming a mother deepened her understanding of the human condition and caused her to focus more on her studies and future job prospects. She moved to Seattle with her son and husband Matt Wilkins and after three tough years, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in secondary education from Seattle Pacific University. She taught high school math for five years in the Seattle Public School District and was elected by her peers to the Ingraham High School Leadership Team. Then in 2000 she was one of the ten chosen from a pool of six hundred applicants to participate in Safeco Insurance Company's COBOL school. She worked as a mainframe COBOL programmer for a year and is now an Ad-Hoc reporting analyst. Eliza produced and co-wrote Interior Latex. In addition she worked and performed in:

  • I Wish I could Find Five Dollars on the Ground
  • Ain't Got No Chicken Bones in My Brain
  • She co-produced Oh Shit- That's My Mind.
  • She was a creative consultant on The Agnostic Party.
Eliza's input creatively and practically makes her an invaluable member of our team. Her financial backing and personal investment, energy, and effort have been foundational to all of our efforts.

Michael Seiwerath: Executive Producer

Michael Seiwerath is the Executive Director of the Northwest Film Forum, a Seattle based film arts organization operating two cinemas and WigglyWorld Studios, a film production collective which produces nearly 100 films a year. He oversees a staff of ten, and has Executive Produced three feature and numerous short films.

Erich Volkstorf: Cinematographer

Erich has been an independent Director of Photography for nineteen years. He began his career in 1981 as a photographer for KTNV TV in Reno, Nevada and three years later he relocated to Seattle for the PM Magazine series. He was the Cinematographer on several feature length and short films including Shredder Orpheus, Shelter from the Sun and Interior Latex. He has won numerous awards including three silver medals from The International Film and TV Festival of New York, two 1st Place Awards in the National Film Outdoor-Travel Film Festival, and an ITVA International Golden Quill Award. His work has also been nominated twice for National Emmy Awards in Cinematography. Clients include Naitonal Geographic specials, WGBH Boston, Experience Music Project. Commercial clients include The Boeing Company, Microsoft, Comfort Inns and the Bon Marche.

Hans Eric Hollstein: Producer

The owner of the Seattle-based corporate video productions company, Ab Initio Productions, Inc. After receiving a B.A. in International Relations and Chinese from Michigan State University and serving a short stint for the U.S. Foreign Service in China, Hans Eric reverted back his childhood passion of film and theater. After getting a short film accepted in the East Lansing film festival, Hans Eric found himself in Seattle (this stuff just happens), where he got his corporate video chops editing sports highlights. In search of more autonomy, in 2002, he purchased a small video production company and then started his own company, Ab Initio Productions, Inc. His client list includes Corbis, Amazon.com, Starbucks and Sears. Hans Eric has co-produced several independent shorts including Pickup, as well as the independent film Shoot the Girl with David Miller.



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