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Thanks to the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department, we saved $90,000- an estimate we received from a local special fx company to make a fake road kill deer. While it would have been nice to support local artists with exorbitant amounts of money, it was impossible. Their estimate was more than our entire shooting budget. Thanks to Officer Kim Chandler- whose job it is to clear the highways and interstates of the many road kills that occur each day- we were able to use a 4-year-old buck that was clipped on I-90. FOR FREE! So much for the difficulty in making films in the Northwest. The government agency was exceedingly helpful, and we owe them many thanks.

As soon as Officer Chandler came across a deer, he gave me a call. I drove out to meet them just off the highway. We took it into the woods, gutted it, and then I stuffed ice into it's cavity, and drove it to Rainier Cold storage. We sewed it back up with fishing line, with the help of Robert the Expert, and put it in deep freeze for a month prior to the shoot. Bucky was the film's specter of death- more potent in its effect on the actors than anything we could have made, for any price. Primarily because the actors knew it was real. Most of Bucky was buried on the farm in Sultan. But after his final performance, his head mysteriously disappeared and was never found.



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