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Dirt Cheap Comedy

Downloadable Samples:

"A Note to All Adults..."(500k)
featuring a vocal performance by Wiley

"Trepanation Trepidation" (2.7MB)


From 1989 to the present.

Perfect for a party because if you miss something, it just doesn't matter. Including:

"The Gods Looked Down and Laughed."

"The Gods Looked Down And Laughed" is a silent slapstick that looks like an old film but has contemporary characters. A family suffers the trials and tribulations of their own camping ineptitude in the Cascade Mountains. The WOMAN attempts to open a can of food with a hunting knife and accidentally stabs the MAN. The MAN blows off all his facial hair, eyebrows included, with a gas stove. The BOY steals a dome tent and rides it down rapids in a melodramatic chase scene. Ultimately, the MAN curses the Gods for the numerous difficulties he created for himself. Dave Beck of KUOW's "Seattle Weekday" called "The Gods Looked Down And Laughed" "...an excellent example of parody."

Selected to the Rainy States Film Festival, Viva-8 Film Festival (London), and Mondial International Film and Video Festival (Brussels).

Click for excerpt (3.4MB)

"Caustic Comments"

"...a hilarious short film by Wilkins about a despondent middle-aged manager and a nearly inanimate teen-aged cook who torment each other in a fast-food restaurant."
--Paul Goetz, Washington Free Press

"Court Jester With Short Life Expectancy" (800k sample)
Plus 15 more (or thereabouts). "The Poet Goes Answers The Door" is a parody of a flaky long-winded beat poet. "Cool Kidz" lampoons music videos and suburban hip-hop culture. including "Court Jester With Short Life Expectancy", "Mr. Hyperbole", "The Screwy Guy", "Eugene O'neill's A Short Day's Journey Into Night" "Fart Perfume" "Ms. Hyperbole Lays Siege To Government Bureaucracy" "The Rites of Passage" and "Grieving And Nothingness."

One hour, film and video, live action and animation, 1989 through 1999.

Just $20.



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