Photo by William Brody



Featuring a tour-de-force performance from actress Frances Hearn, Marrow is an intense psychological drama about ordinary horror. Writer/Director Matt Wilkins’ wrenching drama dives into the deepest, most secret places in the life of a family with a haunting exploration of mortality and regeneration. Disturbed by the noises of something in the walls of her house, a mother (Hearn) struggles to regain balance in her life after the traumatic death of her father (Todd Jefferson Moore). It is her conflict with her son (Wiley Wilkins), however, that reveals the deeper wounds festering in the family dynamic as he fails to gain control over his adolescent body and mind. The struggle to restore the tumbledown home inherited from her father serves as the backdrop for the ensuing guerilla war with both her son and her own memory which ultimately leads to a redemption as unique as it is hard-won.

– Ben Brookshire, Cinequest Film Festival