A comedy of runs, hits, and way too many fucking errors.

Mechanic Dan frame grab

All across the nation, millions of recreational softball and baseball players take the field every year. Some are old, some are young, some are terrible. But for all of them, one person is critical — the Umpire. In a celebration of the great American past-time, the umpire brings something essential — the human element. But for some leagues, with some umpires, the human element is just a little too human.

“Umps Vs. Drunks” goes inside the world of Seattle‘s Industrial Softball League, focusing on the epic struggle between bad plays and even worse calls. Watch the dazzling effect of Umpire Mechanic Dan on the weak psyche of drunk softball players. Is a bad call really that bad? With some umps, uh, yeah. It is. But even the worst ump is an every day hero. Yeah sure, they may blow a few calls, but they more than make up for it by adding insight to the game of life.

Mechanic Dan will fix your car, ump your game, and dole out important advice on what to do when it seems like everyone hates you — all for the same low low price!

Screened at Local Sightings 2017.

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